FTZ Function

The Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative is an integrated set of investment and policy measures focused on trade with the Asia-Pacific Region. Its mission is to establish Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor as the best transportation network facilitating global supply chains between North America and Asia. The mission is to establish the APGCI as the best transportation network facilitating global supply chains between the North American marketplace and the booming economies of Asia.

The Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are contributing to build vital linkages in the corridor. The Global GTH establishes Saskatchewan as an important link to serve as a viable transportation hub along major North American shipping routes and a link into the Asia-Pacific region.

The GTH has become part of Saskatchewan’s gateway to the new west and to the world. It is creating significant benefits that are accruing to the region and to the province as a whole, including new job and career opportunities in the transportation, warehousing, distribution and light manufacturing sectors. The GTH is Saskatchewan’s new gateway to the world and the most significant distribution and logistics hub in the country.

The Global Transportation Hub - in Regina Saskatchewan  -  is Canada’s only autonomous  and self-governing Inland Port Authority.

GTH is both highly efficient and collaborative  -  as a single point of contact  -  for the smoothest processes and the fastest turnaround from purchase to full operation. This efficiency drives your Return on Invested Capital and guarantees you will deal directly with the final decision makers.

The GTH offers an allied network of suppliers and service providers to support the success of the GTH’s clients from concept through to completion and beyond. It has aligned local service providers in working groups that support the GTH. Utility services, municipal services and private sector engineering supports help GTH deliver customized services and expertise to its clients.

The GTH offers a true “Greenfield” environment allowing flexibility and natural synergies with hub clients. This opportunity brings a coordinated long-term vision for the hub with unlimited growth potential and strategic partnerships aligned to deliver supporting infrastructure and it has the total package that allows clients the opportunity to develop the infrastructure they need from the ground up.

The vision and infrastructure of the GTH has made this location desirable for the Trade Centre project. Brightenview’s business focus is on international business development through its project platform with sophisticated operating and service model.

The GTEC project will enable successful entry and establishment of oversea businesses and better serve product access to the market through its platform and network system. The project will inject today’s global e-commerce model equipped with physical local business relationships and product inventory to kick start the movement of directing trade activities, volume and sales to gather in and out of the GTH-Canada’s inland port FTZ.



Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) status

As a Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ), the GTH offers foreign investors single-window access to Canada’s duty and tax relief programming.

FTZ programs offer cash-flow and service benefits for our clients, including:

  • Duty deferral – duties are waived up front or rebated later
  • Sales tax relief – exemption from federal and provincial sales tax
  • Exporters of processing services – relieves participants of obligation to pay federal and provincial sales tax on imports belonging to non-residents
  • Export distribution centre – imported goods processed to add limited value before exporting exempt from federal and provincial taxes
  • Customs bonded warehouse – sales tax and duty-free storage/distribution facilities

GTH is proud to be supporting efforts to cut red tape and make it easier to do business in Saskatchewan.


The GTH community

  • Canadian Pacific Rail - CP Rail mainline access at the GTH connects to seaports and key North America markets.
  • Consolidated FastFrate - CFF offers cross-dock and LTL transportation solutions to major Canadian centres.
  • Emterra Group - Regina's curbside recycler processes 50,000 tons of materials annually at the GTH.
  • Loblaw Companies Ltd - Canada's largest food retailer supplies some 250 stores from its distribution centre at the GTH.
  • Morguard Investments - Morguard is a leader in Canadian real estate services, offering warehouse space for lease and industrial land for development on the GTH footprint.
  • Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority - Imports and distributes product to outlets across Saskatchewan.
  • SaskPower - SaskPower will operate a new logistics complex at the GTH, as of 2019.
  • Slinkemo Enterprises - Container storage, drayage, transport, maintenance and handling services.
  • Sterling Truck and Trailer - On-site repair and maintenance service for truck and trailer units.



Tremendous support from partners

"Providing the GTH with FTZ status and the accompanying policies and programs adds to the value proposition for new investment in Saskatchewan and the opportunity to move goods more effectively and efficiently."

 Laurie Pushor, Deputy Minister, Ministry of the Economy, Government of Saskatchewan


"Saskatchewan is a great place to relocate to as it’s in the heart of the Canadian prairies with a strong economy and a welcoming environment for international entrepreneurs. Through programs such as our Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SNIP) and Federal Express Entry, we’re working hard to make sure we exercise every option to create growth opportunities."

Alastair MacFadden, Assistant Deputy Minister for Labour Market Development


"The GTH is a unique model as it is the only autonomous and self-governing inland port authority in Canada. It’s an important part of our provincial highway network as well as Canada’s national highway system and through the use of multi-modal transportation, the GTH offers efficient service to our key trading partners."

Nithi Govindasamy, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Highways, Government of Saskatchewan


"The FTZ designation is already a further improvement to what is already a highly desirable competitive advantage for Regina and Saskatchewan."

John Lee, President & CEO, Regina Regional Opportunities Commission


"The clients located at the GTH are actively involved in global supply chains which assist Saskatchewan agri-food exporters to move products to their customers around the world. We believe this status will help further attract value-added agriculture investments to the GTH."

Rick Burton, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Saskatchewan