Trade Exibition


The GTEC Phase-I project development and operation is estimated at $39 million in investment budget pro forma. The project plans to secure the use of 10 acres of commercial zoned land in the GTH to build 180,000 sft initial facility of the GTEC with the objective to deliver and operational by summer of 2017. The project in its initial size and scale will house up to 300 business establishments from overseas and bring in more than $100 million projected business capital investment within the GTH. Incremental local economic spin offs stems from export trade volume, tax revenue base, housing and population increase will be amongst all other factors in economic benefits and its significance. The success of the GTEC project will perpetrate other large global investments into the GTH and impact the province’s economy diversification.

The establishment of the GTEC will serve as a catalyst in the global investment and development vision of the GTH. The project is a practical step as we join our forces and resources to expose GTH opportunities in the investment world by boosting attention and confidence towards Saskatchewan. The launch and development of the GTEC Phase-I project will fast forward later GTEC phases to the formation of the Global Development Centre in the GTH.

The GTEC is going to serve as an incubator for global SMEs and entrepreneurs permitting them to create a footprint for their business in North America by setting up product sales and distribution operations in Canada. The GTEC will offer an integrated commercial and service platform for these incoming businesses to establish a turnkey business operation, substantially mitigating the risks foreign entities face starting up businesses in North America and providing them with access both the North America market and global distribution channels.